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1. Application for permits to import goods into the Republic of Botswana must be submitted in original only on this form. Applicants may have their own forms printed provided the particulars and layout conform either the official form.

2. A Fifty Pula (50.00) fee is required upon submission of the application and a receipt is issued to the applicant.

3. A permanent reference number will be allocated to each importer at the time when his first application is received. This number must be quoted to all subsequent application and relative correspondence.

4. Importers may enclose, with their applications, unstamped addressed envelopes to be used for forwarding permits to them.

5. A separate application form must be submitted in respect of each country of supply and each individual supplier provided that part of entry is different

6. Goods must be grouped in classes, and each class must be grouped separately on the application form. When the number of items warrants it a separate from may be used for each class of goods. One item only should be entered.

7. The purpose for which goods are required must be stated clearly and adequately. When goods are required for, or to replace stock sold to Government Department, or for the provision or maintenance of public services, of for use by any specified industry, this fact must be stated and documentary evidence from the department or industry concerned, may be required at the discretion of the Controller of Imports.

8. If and when goods are required to replace a consignment lost in transit, particulars sufficient to identify it, including numbers of covering permits should be furnished with the application.

9. The issue of an import permit will convey no guarantee of supply or shipment.

10. The issue of an permit may be refused, or quantities applied for curtailed, without assignment of any reason.

11. Telegraphic, telephonic or personal application will not be entertained.

12. If an applicant for a permit supplies any false information in connecting with his application. The Controller will refuse such application and any future application made by the same applicant.

13. Application for import permit in respect of goods the importation of which is restricted under any other law of Botswana (e.g arms ammunition, livestock, agricultural products etc) must be accompanied by a valid permit issued under the law concerned.

14. The signatory to an application for import permit must be either

(a) the actual importer for a personal importation, or

(b) the proprietor or owner in the case of importation by private trader.

(c) The Director, secretary or authorised agent in the case of importation by the limited company.